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Dissemination of RYCE’s activities

“Everything will be OK” is the Exhibition of artist Stefano Paganni, that wrapped 9th Edition of the Street Arts Festival Mostar. This Event was organized at Youth and Cultural Center „Abrasevic“. It is result of long-lasting cooperation between Street Arts Festival Mostar and Local Democracy Agency Mostar (LDA Mostar) with traditional support of the German Embassy in Sarajevo.

This event was also good opportunity to promote Regional YOUTH COMPACT for Europe (RYCE) project since it attracted mostly young people. LDA Mostar team members were in charge of disseminating basic information about RYCE project and its activities. That way we’ve gathered small group of people that were interested on topics such as fundamental rights and economic and social issues. Networking was rather productive and promising. Youngsters were interested in the upcoming RYCE events that will be organized in the local community.

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