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2016 was a milestone in the context of the democratic awakening of the citizens of Mostar due to the failure to hold local elections. While the regular local elections in BiH were held throughout country, the citizens of Mostar were again denied the basic democratic right – to vote and to be elected! Local Democracy...
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Once again, Mostar is in the spotlight: Coalition gathered around Elect Mostar visited headquarters of  Council of Europe (CoE) in Strasbourg. Chamber of Local Authorities as part of the 33rd session of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of CoE organized round table with a focus on Mostar and its context of not holding...
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Strategic plan of the Coalition “Elect Mostar” – February / May 2017 The strategic plan of the Coalition “Elect Mostar” was created as a result of teamwork of members gathered around Coalition at a workshop held on February 09-10, 2017. Ruiste. The workshop was supported by Center for Integrative Mediation from Berlin. Its trainer was...
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LDA Mostar

LDA Mostar activities aim to create active citizenship and transparent and responsible authorities with the final goal of establishing a modern and democratic society.