Ongoing Projects

What is the scope of our work?


Since its establishment in November 2004, Local Democracy Agency Mostar acts as a locally registered non-profit, nongovernmental organization, with the support of its partners and co-operation with other Agencies and the European Association for Local Democracy (ALDA). It is precisely this co-operation, both on local and regional level that has enabled numerous activities and projects useful for the development of the local community and its inclusion into processes at the regional level.

Activities of LDA Mostar, which aim to create  more active citizenry on one side, and transparent and accountable local authorities on the other, are focused towards development of a modern democratic society.

By advancing the dialogue between citizens, their interest groups, and politically elected decision-makers at a local level, LDA Mostar sets the ground for greater transparency and inclusive policy making.

Strongly committed to diversity and inclusion, LDA Mostar actively involves and supports underrepresented groups in community building and enables young people to become agents of change in their communities.


Balkan Network for Local Democracy

It promotes the active participation of citizens, the principle of democratic governance, local development and cooperation between civil society organizations and local public authorities in the Western Balkans region …




Center ADA Mostar

Center ADA is an independent platform on which citizens can consume the City as a cultural expression through architecture and art beyond theory …


Elect Mostar

A platform which aims to return one of the basic civil rights to the citizens of Mostar, the right to vote and to be elected …