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PIROUETTE – PerformatIve aRts fOr yoUth EngagemenT and communiTy rEgeneration

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“Pirouette” is a 2-year Capacity Building aimed at promoting the use of performative street arts such as circus, street dance and street painting as an […]

Project Mostar – Spaces to Activate and Rejuvenate

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Improving public space and its use in Mostar through activating citizens and supporting citizen-led initiatives that contribute to shared civic, cultural and economic life…

Beyond the Tales

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Targeting youth workers with knowledge and information aimed at building and strengthening competences and critical understanding of climate migration…

Youth Empowered to Change the World (YECW)

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Promoting young people’s sociopolitical development and psychological empowerment in order to understand the roots of problems facing their communities and have the skills and motivation […]

Welcome to Electionville

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What is local governance? What really constitutes a democratic process? And whom does it serve? Those are questions that the participants in Welcome to Electionville […]

CSOs networking for better local democracy in the Balkans

The project action aims to create a regional civil society organization’s cooperation and learning resource for advancing active citizenship at a local level.

Strengthening local participation and cooperation through partnership of Public Authorities and CSOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina – LINK 4 Cooperation

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Promoting principles of good governance with a view to effective and responsive performance of the local government units in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

STEP – “Systematic transparency in the election process”

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Non-partisan observation of the electoral process in Bosnia and Herzegovina and support for the development of civil society organisations

BRIDGE (Part 3) – BeRlin cultural Intervention – Differences Grow Equal

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Program of cultural exchange between German and BH artists through forms of street art and urban music …..  

WB Cultours – Cultural tours in Western Balkans

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To contribute to regional cooperation and regional cohesion in WB6 through cultural cooperation and activities for sustainable growth…
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