Pearl.EU – Platform Enhancing Adriatic Regions Links in Europe

Timespan:2007 - 2009
Donor:EU Adriatic New Neighbourhood Programme INTERREG/CARDS-PHARE
Applicant:Municipality Lecce, Italy
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Pearl.EU - Platform Enhancing Adriatic Regions Links in Europe

Timespan: 2007-2009

Donor: EU Adriatic New Neighbourhood Programme INTERREG/CARDS-PHARE

Applicant: Municipality of Lecce, Italy

Partners: Italy (City of Bari, Province of Bari, Province of Brindisi, City of Gorizia, City of Lecce, City of Ravenna, City of Tavagnacco, City of Udine, City of Venezia, City of Trieste, City of Monfalcone, Region Puglia), Bosnia and Herzegovina, (City of Prijedor, City of Mostar, City of Zavidovici, LDA Prijedor, LDA Mostar, LDA Zavidovici) and Croatia (County of Baranja Osijek, City of Sisak, City of Verteneglio, LDA Osijek, LDA Sisak, LDA Verteneglio).

Description: The strategic objectives of the project are the constitution of permanent working groups among Italian and Balkan local authorities and the Local Democracy Agencies in order to implement concrete actions of European territorial co-operation. In this way, the project, even if financed with funds of the old programming period, will contribute to put into action the European Commission’s new objective 3 “cooperation” of the reform proposal of the economic and social cohesion politics for 2007-2013. In particular, the project aims at overcoming specific, legal, administrative, linguistic and cultural barriers by contributing the development of common standards; creating and developing cross-border networks between Italian and Balkan local authorities as well as Local Democracy Agencies. In addition, it seeks to improve the flow of information through frequent exchange of information between structures involved in preparing and executing the projects and to support local democracy through the reinforcement of the network of the Local Democracy Agencies.

Activities implemented in 2007

  • 18.05.07 Lecce (Italy): participating to the kick off meeting along with two representatives of the City of Mostar
  • 24.09.07. Lecce (Italy) Study visit of LDA Mostar delegate to Lecce on participatory planning in complex program
  • 16.10.2007. Udine (Italy) seminar on “Intercultural dialogue”, LDA Mostar supported and organized the participation of the Municipality of Mostar
  • Work on the topic “Communication among local authorities and citizens and participation of citizens in the public life” in cooperation with the City of Mostar
  • Support to the City of Mostar and the Province of Brindisi for the organization of civil servant exchange in 2008

Activities implemented in 2008

  • 21.01.–21.02.2008, Civil Servant from Mostar Municipality worked at the Bureau for EU Policies of the Province of Brindisi. This internship allowed the exchange of best practice and transfer of experience.
  • 10.-11.03.2008, Ravenna Italy. LDA Mostar Delegateparticipated at the activities organized by the City of Ravenna within the project Pearl.EU and related to the promotion of democratic values to the children through the fairytale “The European Bear or the Toys shop”, by Gianfranco Draghi.
  • 12.-14.03.2008, Venice Italy. LDA Mostar Delegate participated at the training course on EU planning organized by the City of Venice within the project Pearl.EU.
  • 01.-03.04.2008, Mostar. LDA Mostar, in cooperation with the City of Mostar, organized the three-day international conference “Interethnic coexistence and cross border cooperation” within the Project Pearl.EU. The conference was organized with the cooperation of project’s partners, local authorities and civil society organizations from Mostar.
  • 17.-18.04.2008, Verteneglio – Umag Croatia. Representative of LDA Mostar participated at the Pearl.EU conference “Urban planning and quality of environment: new challenges, experiences from the past, examples from the present, opportunities for the future”. The conference was organized by LDA Verteneglio.
  • 10.-13.06.2008, Osijek Croatia, LDA Mostar representative participated at the Pearl.EU conference “Social Economy and Local Development”.
  • 22.-23.05.2008, Ravenna Italy. Final conference of the Pearl.EU project. Representatives of LDA Mostar participated together with two representatives of the City of Mostar, Mrs. Radmila Komadina – Mayor’s advisor and Ms. Sanela Kameric – International cooperation expert.
  • 03.-05.12.2008, LDA Mostar participation at the seminar on the Instrument of Pre-Accession (IPA) within the European funds and planning 2007-2013, organized by LDA Prijedor in Prijedor, BiH.

Activities implemented in 2009

  • LDA Mostar secured participation in a training “Project Cycle Management according to the European Union Methodology”, for two representatives of the Canton 7 Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Sports; the training was organised by LDA Zavidovići on 24th – 26th February 2009, as a part of the Pearl.Eu Project.
  • The Final Conference of the Pearl.Eu Project for Bosnia and Herzegovina took place on 30th and 31st March 2009 in Mostar. The City of Mostar, in co-operation with Local Democracy Agency Mostar organised this Conference, with the presence of the representatives of Partners: City of Prijedor, City of Zavidovići, LDA Prijedor, LDA Zavidovići, LDA Mostar, Province Brindisi and City of Mostar. Activities and results of the Project were presented at the Conference, a DVD dedicated to the Pearl.EU Project was presented, where its IPA CBC Database was promoted. The discussion of Partners was directed towards finding a modus of co-operation in the future. The second day of the Conference was dedicated to the media presentation of the Pearl.Eu Project in the programme of Radio X Mostar, where representatives of LDA Prijedor, Zavidovići Development Agency and the City of Mostar talked about the Project, the Conference and its conclusions. Also, an opportunity was made to visit the International Economic
    Fair Mostar 2009.