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Youth Radio Project Mostar

Timespan:May - July, 2006
Donor:OSCE BiH
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Youth Radio Project Mostar

Youth Radio Project Mostar

Timespan: May – July, 2006

Donor: OSCE – BiH

Partners: OSCE Mostar, EDUCON Mostar and Local Radio Station “Radio X” Mostar

Description: The project addressed pupils from two primary schools in Mostar in order to bring them together in a joint activity. The second aim of the project was learning about radio journalism and
making programs about the activities that occur in the City. The pupils were chosen through auditions and they attended one hour training sessions about radio journalism twice a week. During these sessions they learned the techniques of making a radio show and radio programmes. 

Objective: Strengthening interethnic dialogue among pupils of two primary schools in Mostar coming from the Eastern and Western side of the City of Mostar

Results: 12 pupils received certificates for the participation in the first phase of this project. Pupils also learned more about the City of Mostar, since many of them did not know enough about the part of the City where they do not attend school. Moreover, pupils were engaged in dialogue and activities that had bonded them without the interference of the ethnic belonging