Strategic Plan of the Coalition “Elect Mostar”

Strategic plan of the Coalition “Elect Mostar” – February / May 2017

The strategic plan of the Coalition “Elect Mostar” was created as a result of teamwork of members gathered around Coalition at a workshop held on February 09-10, 2017. Ruiste. The workshop was supported by Center for Integrative Mediation from Berlin. Its trainer was Mr Vladimir Coric, director of Youth and Cultural Center Abrasevic.

The workshop adopted the basic guidelines for organizational and program development and operation of the Coalition for the period of three months (February / May) 2017.

Due to the growth of the Coalition’s activities, there is a need for profiling of certain activities by dividing them into specific tasks that will be realized over time, respecting quality assurance.

Vision: Mostar as a city of educated, enterprising and socially responsible young people.

Mission: The Coalition “Elect Mostar” brings together organizations and individuals dedicated to educating and informing young people aiming to create positive changes in society.

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