Building Blocks

Timespan: April, 2015 - 2016
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Timespan: April, 2015 – 2016


“Building Blocks” is a program that sets the children and their ideas at the heart of contemporary architecture, developed by Fargfabriken, Foundation for contemporary Art and Architecture. It is a playful process that offers children an opportunity to turn their creative vision into reality. This is a new way of thinking and innovative educational methods, but above all, this program provides a concrete picture of how children can be involved in the process of creating a space in which they live.

We develop Building Blocks Mostar since from April 2015. The beginning of the entire process is particularly interesting because this was from a space that is familiar to children, such as playing outdoors, sitting in the yard, playing in the park. Ingenuity and creativity didn’t miss, but there is one significant issue that dominated from the start, which is to protect the environment and use of renewable energy in the building.

In imposed the further development of the project. In future phase’s environmental protection will become the backbone. Work continued in dynamic atmosphere with full application children – clients and architects – interpreter’s partnership.

Building Blocks Mostar went a step further than the original concept. The exhibition at the Music School offers visitors to experience the artistic value of a layered process starting with children’s drawings, architectural sketches and drafts in conjunction with the vitally important topic of environmental protection. The story that narrates Robot Tornado, protector of the environment, is only a fraction of what children can and know how to give to adults and to their environment.

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