Center ADA Mostar

Timespan: 2015 - 2019
Project:Center for architecture, dialogue and arts - Center ADA Mostar
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Center for architecture, art and dialogue ADA

Center ADA is an independent platform on which citizens can consume the city as a cultural expression through architecture and art beyond theory.


Objectives / Manifesto
Support the idea of ​​”a city for everyone”.
Access to the city through discourse beyond traditional urban parameters.
Establishing links between the business sector and culture creating new values ​​in the City of Mostar and its long-term development.

How / Methodology
Making an exhibition with contemporary and progressive content.
Expanding our understanding of the city.
Ensuring greater citizen participation.
Incorporating a new way of reading the city by the professional milieu.

Center ADA Report – a resume over the activities from the opening of  Centre ADA until the end of 2017


Urban Synapse – Summer School Mostar 2015

Building Blocks

Mostar LAB

NUT – New urban topologies – Mostar and Bejrut