PIROUETTE – PerformatIve aRts fOr yoUth EngagemenT and communiTy rEgeneration

Timespan: 01/04/2022 – 31/03/2024
Call:Erasmus+ (KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices – Capacity Building in the field of Youth)
Donor:European Union / ERASMUS+ Programme
Applicant:NGO Nest (Germany)
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PIROUETTE – PerformatIve aRts fOr yoUth EngagemenT and communiTy rEgeneration

PIROUETTE – PerformatIve aRts fOr yoUth EngagemenT and communiTy rEgeneration

Timespan: 01/04/2022 – 31/03/2024

Donor: European Union / ERASMUS+ Programme


Budget: 191.582,00 EUR 

Applicant: NGO Nest (Germany)

Partners: LDA Mostar  (Bosnia and Herzegovina); QCODE (Italy) and Youth of Ura (Albania)

Description: “Pirouette” is a 2-year Capacity Building aimed at promoting the use of performative street arts such as circus, street dance and street painting as an innovative NFE methodology to foster social and civic engagement of youth and, eventually led to a community-led regeneration of urban/disadvantaged areas. The idea behind the project stems from the recognition of youth’s social and civic engagement as a driving force for community development.

Already in this, the project uses an innovative approach to the problem, as young people’s engagement is seen as a starting point for community regeneration and not its final result. Moreover, it intends to promote the combined use of different performing arts as an innovative methodology of NFE, as the involvement of performing arts in NFE is often limited to a single discipline or few activities within NFE-based training formats and the educational potential of the combination of different arts has not been exploited in the context in which the project is inserted. The innovativeness of the project also emerges from the application of this methodology in a youth exchange on design, implementation, and management of cultural and creative initiatives, which includes activities that provide them with field-based and experience-based competencies by exploiting the potential of the performing arts to build up the confidence of young people, facilitate their personal development and improve their interpersonal and communication skills.

Overall Goal: recognizing the social and civic engagement of young people as a driving force for community development through the use of performative street arts such as circus, street dance and street art.

The projects specific objectives are:

  • The inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities through participation in mobilities and local activities is designed to provide them with the skills needed to carry out community-led performing arts festivals/projects/initiatives autonomously.
  • The promotion of the values of democracy and tolerance among young people who will pass these values through their more familiar tools: that of the arts.
  • Planting seeds for peace and post-conflict reconciliation through the empowerment of young people thanks to the encounter of peers with different cultural backgrounds, the exchange of ideas/challenges/issues/proposals, and the capacity to put in place youth-driven initiatives for reconciliation through the power of the arts.

The Project aims to produce the following results:

  • Research conducted on best practices of performative arts for educational, community development, regeneration purposes;
  • Training Format designed and tested;
  • A toolkit designed and tested;
  • Mobility of youth workers;
  • Youth Exchange of young people on creative urban regeneration through performative arts.

Target groups of Pirouette can be divided into two groups:


  • Young educators, youth workers, and trainers from program and partner organizations
  • Young people living in urban and/or disadvantaged areas


  • Young people with an artistic background or a background in event organization
  • Youth organizations and NGOs, cultural associations, civil society organizations (CSO), etc.

Official Facebook Page

Official Instagram Account


Kick-Off Meeting of the Project

National Research Report conducted by the Consortium 

Training Course on Performative Street Arts in Non-Formal Education-Berlin, Germany

Mid-Term Meeting Berat, Albania

Final Training Format on Performative Street Arts in Non-Formal Education

Youth Exchange in Mostar, BiH/27.08.-02.09.2023.

Toolkit “Youth Civic Engagement through Performative Street Arts”

Pirouette Podcast

Final Evaluation Meeting in Milano, Italy – 14.03. – 17.03.2024.