Connecting touristic places is like connecting people, you give them chance and voice to speak up, share their beauty and experience, tell stories. The “Western Balkans Tourism in the spotlight” forum will be organized with that aim in mind, to connect the Western Balkans trough tourism, a challenge existing and peaking the interest of Balkan tourists for a long period of times.

In order to foster that connection, the project WB Cultours: Cultural tours in Western Balkans offers the chance to touristic workers from WB6 to meet and talk on the Regional online forum entitled “Western Balkans Tourism in the spotlight” which will be held on the 19th of May 2021, starting at 10h on Zoom.

The passion for travels remain the same, as the tourists and landscapes change. The regional online forum will tackle just that challenge, rediscover the local and regional tourists, what offer would wake their passion to visit local and regional touristic places and what tools we can use to modernize the tourism sector in the Balkans.

Touristic guides, workers and enthusiasts will share their experience about the topic of Tourism in Western Balkans, and also hear about experiences and stories from Normandy.
Conceived as a series of discussion points and short presentations, the forum is open for all interested in sharing their experiences. It will offer to the participants a perfect meeting point, to network, make connections or even create a joint touristic offer.

The forum will be the perfect occasion to promote the Cultours mobile application that offers 3 tours to visit 9 monuments in the Western Balkans, a mobile tour all travel enthusiast who would like to rediscover Balkan forgotten history.

The project WB Cultours: Cultural tours in Western Balkans is implemented by the Balkan network for Local democracy and financed by the Western Balkans Fund.

You can register for the event on the following LINK.

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