Timespan:01/12/2015 - 31/11/2016
Donor:European Commission (Erasmus+ program - K2 - Capacity Building Youth - Western Balkans)
Applicant:Local Democracy Agency Mostar
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Timespan: 01/12/2015 – 31/11/2016

Donor: European Commission (Erasmus + program – K2 – Capacity Building Youth – Western Balkans)

Applicant: Local Democracy Agency (LDA) Mostar (Mostar / Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Partners: LDA Zavidovići (Zavidovići / Bosnia and Herzegovina); LDA Prijedor (Prijedor / Bosnia and Herzegovina); PRONI Center for Youth Development (Brčko / Bosnia and Herzegovina); LDA Center for Local Democracy (Knjaževac / Serbia); LDA Subotica (Subotica / Serbia); Agency for Local Democracy (Nikšić / Serbia); Association for the Development of Voluntary Work Novo mesto (Novo mesto / Slovenia); System ve Jenerasyon Dernegi (Ankara / Turkey); H.E.P.Y. o.s. (Vranovice / Czech Republic); Learning Designers Romania (Cluj / Romania); Scambieuropei (Montegranaro / Italy); Comité Académico Técnico de Asesoramiento a Problemas Ambienta (Ghent / Belgium); ALDA Skopje (Skopje / FYR Macedonia).

Description: The YOUth with a PLAN project is a capacity building project, including a 7-day mobility activity for youth counselors who already have some experience within YiA (as a participant or facilitator) but want to take a step to develop their own international project in their organizations.

YOUth with a PLAN will be held in Mostar (BiH), contains two activities; one short capacity building meeting with the project team and longer activities, training held on the third week of spring 2016 (Saturday to Saturday), including partner organizations of the program and partner countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Slovenia, Macedonia, BiH, Montenegro and Serbia. The partnership is made up of partners who have shared experience, but also of new partners.

Objective: The project aims to build the capacity of youth counselors and project managers in the youth work segment and their organizations, to develop quality international (work) youth projects in E + / YiA that meet the E + priorities, with the necessary preparation, implementation, assessment and monitoring.

We want to enable participants to develop a program with high quality relevance, project design and project content, articulating clear learning processes with impact, both after completion and outside the project. As such, we meet the need for the E + program to get successful applications, with projects addressing program priorities.

We want to build the capacity of youth advisers and partners for project design, program development, and we want to increase our project writing skills by translating these project ideas and programs into daily schedule programs, focusing on the goals and priorities of the E + / YiA program.

Participants will also build their own project idea into a potential international E + / YiA project with partners. Monitoring is foreseen in support of further implementation of these projects after this course.