”Urban Synapse” Summer School Mostar 2015

Timespan: 29/07/2015 - 05/08/2015
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 ''Urban Synapse'' Summer School Mostar 2015

Timespan: 29th July – 5th August, 2015


Synapse is a place of communication between two neurons. This is where the signal is transmitted from one neuron to another. Applying this concept we suggest that the Center for Architecture, Art and Dialogue – ADA is place of communication where all interested citizens, visitors, enthusiasts can come and be part of the story, contributing within the process of reading and building the city itself. Location predicted for ADA center is in the central zone of Mostar.

ADA center in physical sense is imagined as the meeting and socializing point, place of creativity and good vibrations; place for promotion of dialogue and society development through architecture, dialogue, art and culture. At more than 700 m2 of attractive space (20x20m area, ground floor and first floor with extra green roof garden), located in the narrow city center ADA should have multimedia theater/performance space, a place for readers, offices, gallery, restaurant/cafe- “Green Roof” ADA, space for future magazine, few smaller workshop spaces for different activities and different age groups (kids, adults, older generation). Multimedia hall is needed as waste polyvalent space (about 150 seats) possible to be organized for different events such as lectures, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, cultural events and workshops. The library is the place where people could entertain reading and enjoying different multimedia technologies. The restaurant “Green Roof” ADA would be the place to offer the pleasure to sit and enjoy delights encountered by unique and simple decorated interior and exterior in the city of Mostar.

Important part of Summer School program is Public lecture by one of the world’s most famous architects, prof. Kengo Kuma, who will also be President of the Jury of the Summer School.

Participants are 25 students from Universities of Mostar, Sarajevo, Tokyo, Vienna, Zagreb and Belgrade.

Summer School “Urban Synapse” Mostar 2015
29th July – 4th August


Working sessions: 29/07 – 04/08
• Introduction
• Site visit
• Concept design
• Urban articulation
• Architectural idea
• Desk work
• Jury selection of works

29th July, Wednesday
Life and Spaces of Tokyo, another Tokyo, prof. Darko Radović

31st July, Friday
Towards Livable and Lovable Cities – places and practices of urban
resistance, prof. Darko Radović
“Urban Requalification and Creative Milieu”, prof. Davisi Boontharm

2nd August, Sunday
“Urgentna arhitektura”- Amir Vuk Zec

3rd August 18:00 – 20:00, Monday
Cultural events, music nights, Mostar and Herzegovina tour visits will be
part of Summer School program









4th August Summer School “Urban Synapse” Mostar 2015


Jury members:
prof.Kengo Kuma
prof.Darko Radović
prof. Davisi Boontharm
Amir Vuk Zec

Group 1, Group 2, Group 3 & Group 4 presented projects of Center for Architecture, Dialogue and Art ADA Mostar.

Thank you students for hard work and great results!

Thank you Jury member for great support and recommendations on how to proceed with ADA center project.

We would like to quote some massages from Jury members:
“ADA is desire to create better world”, “ADA is important place for future Mostar”, “Mostar is model for all ruined places in the world”.

“Here in Mostar you feel the challenges and opportunities facing us as peoples of this earth. From the streets of Tokyo to the bridges of Mostar it is evident that a thriving culture is vital for a city’s sustaining success. The Summer School brings different worlds and interest together for a common purpose – to spearhead the bright future that is Mostar’s. If we can make it here, we’re gonna make it anywhere! Have faith in Mostar. I have. For these reasons I am a proud supporter of Centre ADA.”
Joacim Diaz Björk
Founding Partner Centre ADA