Completed First Local Training for young people on the topic “Participatory Action Research Methodology (PAR Methodology)”

👥We successfully implemented the first part of the Training for the youth of the city of Mostar as part of the project “Youth Empowered to Change the World”, which is co-financed by the European Union🇪🇺. The training lasted 3 days in the period from 📅 24.-26.10.2022. and took place in the YOUth HUB (premises of LDA Mostar).

The training itself consists of 2️⃣ parts, where in the first part of the training, which lasted for three days, a total of 20 young people participated and were educated about Participatory Action Research Methodology (PAR Methodology).

On the first day of training, young people had the opportunity to get to know a little more about the way and types of research, all through the PAR methodology.
On the second day, they had the opportunity to deal with the objectives of the research and the research question, as well as what are the problems that affect our society at the local and regional level. In addition, they were trained in what types of research and data collection methods exist in order to better approach a problem.
The final day of the training was based on a detailed presentation of data collection methods and research planning and timeline.

🔎📎The main objective of the training is to support and make young people aware to be competent researchers 📝𝐏𝐀𝐑 Methodology with skills and knowledge for the implementation of PAR at the local and regional level. This training will train and improve the knowledge of future researchers about the PAR methodology and how they do all the research steps.