BRIDGE (Part 2) – BeRlin cultural Intervention – Differences Grow Equal

Timespan:01/09/2019 – 08/09/2019
Donor:Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Sarajevo (Small Culture Funds / ‘’Kleiner Kulturfonds’’)
Applicant:Local Democracy Agency Mostar (LDA Mostar)
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BRIDGE (Part 2) - BeRlin cultural Intervention - Differences Grow Equal

BRIDGE (Part 2) – BeRlin cultural Intervention – Differences Grow Equal

Timespan: 01/09/2019 – 08/09/2019

Donor: Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Sarajevo (‘Small Culture Funds” / ”Kleiner Kulturfonds”)

Applicant: Local Democracy Agency Mostar (LDA Mostar)

Partner: Street Arts Festival Mostar


Bridge (Part 2) is the extension of the 2018 Bridge Concept project and its mission is cultural exchange program between artists from Germany and the artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina through street art and urban music. The idea is to bind Berlin and Mostar through the realization of cultural programs and art interventions in public space during the 7th Street Arts Festival Mostar. 


  • Having continuity in developing the Bridge Concept in Mostar and contribution to the Street Arts Festival Mostar program
  • Networking artists and musicians from Berlin and Mostar for the purpose of future collaborations
  • Promotion of Berlin’s street art and electronic scene 
  • Empowering the artistic cultural urban art platform in Mostar with artistic support from Berlin


The project consisted of two activities which were implemented within the frame of Street Arts Festival Mostar: mural painting and one music event.

First activity was the intervention in public space by German street artist Kevin Kandetzki aka Sokar uno who painted a large mural on the Boulevard street in the City of Mostar, near the entrance to the Old City of Mostar. Street Art, as the one of the most interesting creative scenes that exist in Berlin, was also represented through this activity. While creating his mural young artist from Mostar Medina Dedić assisted Sokar uno and that process produced interesting collaboration between professional muralist and young talent.

The second activity was the performance of the Berlin based DJ Niko Schwind who played his music at the Stil Vor Talent Party in Spark and presented his Stil Vor Talent Label. Schwind was joined by Marina Mimoza & Mili Sefic – DJ’s from Mostar as well as by the DJ’s from Delta Swam Music based in Metkovic, Croatia. That event also promoted collaboration between local and regional DJ’s and the DJ’s from Berlin. Niko Schwind was also a part of Artist’s Talk event where he talked about his career and the challenges among many other young artists. This project helped in building alternative art platforms in Mostar focusing on public spaces and creating the artist’s network from all over the world. With continuity in realisation of the BRIDGE project we once again connected Berlin and Mostar through art.