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15 Jula, 2020
On 14 July 2020,  was organized online training within the Project „Monumental 9“ for the young greeters participating in the training programme and folow-up pilot regional tours with the aim to motivate, inspire and provide basic knowledge and skills for quality presentations of cultural heritage along the tour explored throughout entire project implementation. Local Democracy...
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“Oh, no! Did I oversleep?” Same thought every morning, after you realize you’re getting a suspiciously large amount of sleep. I check the time. It turns out I’m not late at all. I have three and a half minutes before the lecture starts, and that’s totally enough to brush my teeth and… well, nothing else....
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LDA Mostar

Aktivnosti LDA Mostar fokusirane su na kreiranje aktivnog građanstva s jedne,  te transparentnih i odgovornih vlasti s druge strane,  s krajnjim ciljem uspostavljanja modernog i demokratskog društva.