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11 Septembra, 2020
Yesterday the Holy Father Pope Francis received in the Clementine Hall of the Vatican Apostolic Palace the mayor of Lampedusa Totò Martello, together with the delegation of “mayors of the borders” adhering to the project “Snapshots from the Borders”. In his speech addressed to Pope Francis, Mayor Martello touched some of the issues related to...
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Interview Project “YOUth Ambassadors of Non-Formal Learning” Country: North Macedonia Interviewer: Andrijana Tashevska Interviewee: Bojan Petrovski Date and location: 28.05.2020. via Zoom Introduction Bojan Petrovski – President of National Youth Council of Macedonia. – I am the newly elected president of the National Youth Council of Macedonia for six months now. I live in municipality Djorce Petrov,...
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Aktivnosti LDA Mostar fokusirane su na kreiranje aktivnog građanstva s jedne,  te transparentnih i odgovornih vlasti s druge strane,  s krajnjim ciljem uspostavljanja modernog i demokratskog društva.