Kurdish lullaby

#IMPACTcampaign is going strong! Only one more day and you will be able to participate in online Facebook live premiere of the play “GAME”. We would like to share with you a Kurdish Lullaby we managed to learn on workshops with local migrants in Mostar. LDA Mostar organized those workshops in collaboration with Mostar Youth Theatre within #IMPACTproject.

Mr. Sead Djulic, Director of the Play points out “Once we’d gathered all the information needed, we began working on a theatrical production. The only thing we were certain of regarding it was the name, “GAME”, with it needing to be raw and emotive, just as the workshop sessions were. We only sought after our scenic presentation of the events. After it came the folk music and dances, especially a Kurdish lullaby with insightful lyrics which even opened our senses.

It went like this:

Lay down,

No one lives forever.

Neither do I.

Take care.

Lay down, o sweet child,

Be good to life.

Stand up,

Look for yourself, see where you are,

Ask what you can do.

Lay in eternal happiness.


Bother not for imperfections.

As I sometimes wish to breathe one last time,

I take a step

And ask myself where I am.”



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