Premiere of the theater play “Game”

On February 27, 2021 was Premier of the theater play “Game” 🎭 🎉 . It was performed by Youth Theater Mostar (MTM) in cooperation with Local Democracy Agency Mostar within IMPACT project. “Game” is the result of our long-term commitment and effort to depict and demonstrate life stories of migrants from Mostar (Camp Salakovac, Bosnia and Herzegovina). In previous period we’ve successfully organized workshops with local migrants and their families. Our objective was to include them into our local community and promote tolerance and cohesion. Working with migrants was rather emotional and touchy. Actors from MTM have collected migrant’s stories and presented them in the most powerful way, as a unique play emanating universal message of peace, social inclusion, solidarity and sense-of-belonging. ✨

Theater play was directed by Mr. Sead Djulic and it was performed by Sara Kljajic, Edina Delalic, Irma Lipovac, Ali Kamer Aksoy, Haris Habibija i Haris Pasic.

If you are interested to see and experience its original premiere, you can watch it 🎥 – Here

Also, you can find Photo Album 📷 of the Premiere – Here 

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