BRIDGE (Part 3) – BeRlin cultural Intervention – Differences Grow Equal

Timespan:01/09/2020 – 30/11/2020
Donor:Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Sarajevo (Small Culture Funds / ‘’Kleiner Kulturfonds’’)
Applicant:Local Democracy Agency Mostar (LDA Mostar)
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BRIDGE (Part 3) - BeRlin cultural Intervention - Differentes Grow Equal

BRIDGE (Part 3) – BeRlin cultural Intervention – Differences Grow Equal

Timespan: 01/09/2020 – 30/11/2020

Donor: Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Sarajevo (‘Small Culture Funds” / ”Kleiner Kulturfonds”)

Applicant: Local Democracy Agency Mostar (LDA Mostar)

Partner: Street Arts Festival Mostar


Bridge (Part 3) is the extension of the 2018 Bridge Concept project and its mission is cultural exchange program between artists from Germany and the artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina through street art and urban music. The idea is to bind Berlin and Mostar through the realization of cultural programs and art interventions in public space during the 9th Street Arts Festival Mostar. 


  • Have continuity in developing of the BRIDGE concept in Mostar and contribution to the Street Arts Festival Mostar program
  • Promotion of Berlin alternative art graffiti scene
  • Interventions in public space of Mostar
  • Motivate young talents from Mostar to paint a mural.
  • Empowering the artistic cultural urban art platform and programs in Mostar with artistic support from Berlin.

Targeted audiance: target audience of this project are all citizens of Mostar because we will implement part of the project in public space with street art intervention by the artist from Berlin. Also our target audience is young people from 18 to 35 years old who are interested for art  and who will be invite to visit exhibition and youth from 13 to 20 years old who will make art interventions inspired by German artists. 


BRIDGE (PART 3) will be conceived as three cultural programs that will be implemented in accordance with the measures of the Corona virus pandemic situation. These programs are focused on graffiti artist from Berlin Stefano Paggani – who couldn’t come to Mostar but who will send us all materials to implement his art program and intervention in Mostar.

-The first activity it is to print one of his graffiti and adapt in public space. 

-Another, second activity is to organise his exhibition in “OKC Abrasevic”. That will be a selection of his works during last two years. Paintings, drawings, comics and photos.

We are planning to play video that he prepared for visitors of the exhibition.

-Third activity is realisation of the street art by the local young talents who will paint an mural inspired by famous artists from Germany and graffiti artists from Germany as well (Vasilij Kandinski, Paul Kle, August Mache, Lora Zombie, ECB, Tasso, Dome..)

We will chose young talents from Mostar who will paint a intervention inspired by German’s artist in menthorship by the afirm artist from Mostar.

About artist from Berlin:

Graffiti artist Stefano Paggani has been living, and painting in Berlin since 1990. He is an expert on mural arts ranging from all kinds of colorful typefaces and characters to inventive, huge wall paintings, mainly in Berlin – first graffiti: 1990 | last graffiti: last week.

Street-experienced, self- and academy-educated he started his artist-career as a breakdancer, biker, and came to rest upon graffiti. As such he has also created a number of art works on commission, painting shops, clubs, cars, printing shirts, and creating logos. The ouchgrafix project was founded in 2001 by Stefano. In 2007 he invented the cartoon characters THE EYEGS.

Implemented activities

Invitation to Exhibition of Graffiti Artist Stefano Paggani

Announcing implementation of third project’s activity

-Stefano Paggani’s Exhibition “Everything will be OK”