YAMNFL – Interview no19 (Türk Girişim ve İş Dünyası Konfederasyonu)


Project “YOUth Ambassadors of Non-Formal Learning”

Country: Turkey

Interviewer: Begüm Seyhan

Interviewee: Şükriye Tümay Erdil

Date and location: 07.07.2020 – İstanbul – Zoom Online Meeting


List of questions for the Interview:


  • Is the law defining NFE in your country? If yes, please describe what the law says.

I know there is a law about it but I don’t know what the exact law is.

  • Please describe the existing strategies, action plans that define non-formal learning in your country?

In Turkey we have ISMEK (which is for the improve skills and talent), vocational courses, and public education centers for the non-formal education. In comparison with Europe, Turkey has formal education mostly. Because based on the project that I wrote, we usually orientate the adults and youths (if they graduated from the related schools) to those non-formal education centers. According to that, we want to turn those skills and ideas into the jobs or enterprise which can earn money.

  • Have you been involved in the development of a strategy / action plan / law in excess of the NFE issues?

In Turkey there are three main institutions in youth centers and those are The Ministry of Youth and Sports, municipalities, and non-governmental organizations (ngo). One of those main institutions trying to improve and bring youths in entelechy. To work about this project we went to the field and do some research. In the end we compiled a leaflet. I participate to this project in the process of compiling the leaflet and writing some of the articles. Also we arrange a charette with the managers and employees of the youth centers.

  • Do you work on promoting NFE and how?

I went to school visits to discuss with the teachers. I had meetings at the “Career Days”. I participated some projects as a mentor. Also I participated an instructional programme about social entrepreneurship in Estonia. We had a meeting with the Europe National Agency. I made a presentation about the non-formal education system in Turkey within the period I participated.

  • For your institution/CSO how young people recognize NFE?

There is an education called “5 Key Education” of Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG in Turkish). This education is include definition of volunteering, definition of social benefit and etc. Being a locksmith after five key. Also this project is provide a method to be practical and be active in the field. Like being aware of the issues the environment we live and can develop a project as a solution. This project is a good example if we look that as a method.

  • What are you doing about NFE in term to make closeness with youth?

We’re working online for now. Rather than education we make weekly meetings to measure their performances. Also we try to keep in touch with them. It’s important to do things regularly. I participate in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s (İBB in Turkish) courses about entrepreneurship. It’s for the 18-30 age group.

  • Have you involved young people in the process of bringing about things that are relevant to non-formal education?

We inform them about the other different courses. We’re not doing this systematically. When we’re informed about a course or something, we inform them too. If they desire to join, they take the course.

  • Should the Government get involved and make an even bigger contribution when it we are speaking about youth and policies about youth?

Public side definitely has to has a part. It’s not possible to think that independently from the public. Because public is the one who establish the regulations and rules, and conduct the inspection. But when public doing those things, they have to collaborate that with the different civil society organizations (cso) and foundations which have experiences in the field.


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