CARAVAN NEXT. Feed the Future: Art moving cities

Trajanje projekta:2015-2018
Donator:European Commission (Creative Europe - Supporting Europe's cultural and creative sectors)
Aplikant:Odine Teatret (Danska)
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CARAVAN NEXT. Feed the Future: Art moving cities

Timespan: 2015 – 2018

Donor: European Commission (Creative Europe – Supporting Europe’s cultural and creative sectors)

Aplikant: Odine Teatret (Danska)

Partneri: Omma Studio Theater (Greece); Farm in the cave (Czech Republic); OGR-CRT (Italy); Kibla (Slovenia); Technical University of Crete (Greece); Bürgerstiftung Rohrmeisterei Schwerte (Germany); TNT Atalaya (Spain); UNITO SCT CENTER (Italy); Theatre Stanica (Slovakia); Teatr Brama (Poland); Zid Theatre (Netherlands)

Description: CARAVAN NEXT is a large-scale Social Community Theatre collaborative project connecting professional artists with communities and local citizens. From September 2015 till February 2019 a huge network of European theater organisations and cultural institutions creates Social Community Theatre events in 16 different European countries. The project is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. Read more about Caravan Next on www.caravanext.eu

Objectives: The main objective of the MICRO Event is the cultural empowerment of each community, through an intensive audience development experience promoting an increase in the quantity and quality of the participation to the cultural event – a long-lasting social and cultural transformation. Some 30 micro events will be organised in partner countries, designed as a travelling symbol, theater constantly on the move from one city to the next. It will be the travelling symbol of an event ”on the move”. The events will be organised with the support of local Associated Partners in Europe all together in 30 localities across Europe.

Activities: Three international events organized and coordinated by ALDA, in:
Subotica, Serbia: 21-24 Jun, 2016
Skopje, North Macedonia: May, 2017
Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina: 4-8 September, 2017

FESTIVAL ”NEW HOPES” – Mostar (Bosnia i Herzegovina), 4-8 september, 2017 




Project web page: www.caravanext.eu/