YAMNFL – Interview no21 (ADP-ZID)


Project “YOUth Ambassadors of Non-Formal Learning”

Country: Montenegro

Interviewer: Ana Koprivica

Interviewee: Miroslav Stanisic / president of youth club in Niksic

Date and: 05/07/2020


List of questions for the Interview:


1) Is the law defining NFE in your country? If yes, please describe what the law says.

The NFE isn-t defined by law, but is very often mentioned in the youth strategy. What we are still waiting to be defined is the Law on Volunteering, which will certainly help the NFE to take the place it should have.

2) Please describe the existing strategies, action plans that define non-formal learning in your country?

NFE as I said is often mentioned through the Youth Strategy. Youth policy is defined, which is implemented by the Government, state administration bodies, the capital, non-governmental organizations as well as other relevant organizations. What is being talked about a lot when we talk about non-formal education in our country is the promotion of opportunities for young people offered by the European Union through a large number of programs and projects.

3) Have you been involved in the development of a strategy / action plan / law in excess of the NFE issues?

Yes, I was involved.

4) Do you work on promoting NFE and how?

I am constantly working on the promotion of NFE especially in my city, through various trainings, educations, activities, events.

5) For your institution/CSO how young people recognize NFE?

They recognize NFE as a chance to learn, build themselves and an affirmative environment for something that will bring them good.

6) What are you doing about NFE in term to make closeness with youth?

Well, through promotion and education, we work a lot around young people. Now we are involved in building a network for young people in Montenegro.

7) Have you involved young people in the process of bringing about things that are relevant to non-formal education?

Yes, but indirectly, since the process of involving young people directly is a bit difficult.

8) Should the Government get involved and make an even bigger contribution when it we are speaking about youth and policies about youth?

Of course you should and that is something that will surely be worked on.


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