Capacity building programme for young greeters and bloggers (MONUMENTAL 9)

Regional capacity building programme gathered 30 young greeters and bloggers from partner organizations started in Prijedor (13-15 Feb, 2020), on the locality of KOZARA Monument. Interactive workshops combined desk research and field visits were designed to help develop greeters’ skills, creative writing skills as well as research work to create a quality tourist promotional narratives. The training programme in Prijedor comprised a combined set of skills development workshops and practical site visits prepared and organized by the senior trainers as a learning – by – doing pilot tour.

Senior trainers – Dario Terzic and Darel Kapetanovic introduced the young participants with effective communication styles, creative writing approaches, while the practical work included the use of innovative and digital/video tools to present sites and locations and provide either orientation or informational content on heritage, adventure, tourism and other services, as well as mobility aspect of the product.

Field visits/photo safari included the cultural sites in the city of Prijedor – City Museum, Mladen Stojanovic Memorial House, while the young trainees spent one whole day on the KOZARA Monumental complex where they were taking some spectacular photos enjoying also a sunny day and a bright sky. Individual and group photo sessions, video / short film making, documenting some personal impressions were the part of this creative process.

With the trainers’ guidance and professional tour guides assistance, the follow-up activities include creation of the LDA teams who will be engaged in learning by doing approaches (based also on the Training manual produced) to further promote and publicise the cultural sites and tourist development, while the training manual produced will serve as the grounds for their further professional skills development.

KOZARA Monument was a memorable experience for the young greeters most of whom were here for the first time.

We are looking forward to explore the next one…


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