YAMNFL – focus group no19 (Društvo za razvijanje prostovoljnega dela Novo mesto)

Focus Group

Project “YOUth Ambassadors of Non-Formal Learning”

Country: Slovenia

Organization: Društvo za razvijanje prostovoljnega dela Novo mest0

Facilitator: Sabina Pirc

Date and location: 02.06.2020 – online

Participants: 10, aged 15-30


List of questions for Focus Group

  • Do you think for NFE is important age, gender, nationality?

No, we do not think that age, gender and nationality are very important if someone wants to attend NFE. Sometimes NFE can be limited, so only men or women can participate, but is rare. Also age – sometimes certain age groups do not need to pay for the classes. As for nationality – sometimes NFE can be accessed easier if you are a foreigner, but most of the time it is better if someone that wants to enrol in NFE is citizen.

  • What does NFE mean to you? Can you define?

For me, the NFE means any form of non-formal education – it happens outside of schools in different organizations, societies …
Non-formal education is voluntary. IN NFE you acquire new knowledge and competencies that you would not at school, it takes place in the form of various workshops, seminars, circles, and other activities. It allows you to retrain for another job or profession. Is much more relaxed than formal education. For some you get a certificate of participation, for others not. By joining NFE, you meet many new people, different age groups …

Have you ever been a participant in an NFE program? If yes – in which one?
Dancing classes, screen printmaking classes, animation classes, IKT courses, different sport classes, training for trainers, youth exchanges, training for youth workers, singing lessons, lessons for musical instruments (piano, guitar, violin, etc.).

  • Do you know something about Youth Law/Strategy/Action Plan, as well as other documents related to youth?


  • Have you ever participated in the youth decision-making process? If yes, in which one?

No, not really. Only in designing and executing the program or project.

  • Do you think that more support from the Government is needed to improve the status of young people and in the NFE sphere? If yes, what are the benefits of this, and what are the disadvantages?

No, we think that if we want to have NFE programs that youth is involved in, the government should only allow and support the execution of NFE programs. If the government would be more involved than that, the programs would be more formal and less free.

  • Does NFE activities help you for your personal development. If yes, how? If not, why?

We believe that NFE helps you with the personal development. You can realise your ideas faster and more efficient. There are no limitation and you can fulfil your dreams.
NFE builds you up and you develop new competencies and gain new knowledge, it can also help you mentally and physically. Through NFE, we can get different types of education and NFE complements formal education. It is oriented towards developing and executing personal interests.
NFE is for the heart and soul, not only for the brain.

For you, why is it important to be involved in activities through non-formal education?
I like the activities because they build me up, and my competences are evolving. Also they relax us.
To participate in NFE activities, I can develop new competencies that I would never gain through formal education.
I am not limited and can achieve different goals and dreams that can be achieved or developed through NFE but never through formal education.
There I can find right people and right situations that give me something more and give me that what is missing in formal education.
They help me in my personal development.
I attend different NFE activities because I am not forced to attend them and they give me a lot of joy and pleasure.

Facilitator:  Everyone in the group attended at least one NFE activity, course… and they attend them because of their personal interests, because they are not forced to do it (opposite is the formal education). But even though they have had a lot of experiences with NFE, they don’t know anything about the laws or strategies.

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