YAMNFL – Interview no26 (Kosovo Center of Diplomacy)


Project “YOUth Ambassadors of Non-Formal Learning”

Country: Kosovo

Interviewer: Selim Daku

Interviewee: Leotrim Gërmizaj, Founder of World Youth Alliance Kosovo &  Consultant for Youth Policies and Youth Work

Date and location: 20 May 2020, Prishtina – online

List of questions for the interview

  • Is the law defining NFE in your country? If yes, please describe what the law says.

Law on Youth Empowerment and Participation defines the NFE in Kosovo. There is specific administrative instruction about NFE of youth.  According to the law, NFE is described as below:

  1. a) NFE is realized in all areas, as demand from young people in accordance with existing laws of the Republic of Kosovo.
  2. b) NFE shall encourage promotion of development, responsibility of conscientious citizenship, in accordance with principles in the interest of democracy, tolerance, humanity, environmental protection, historic identity, cultural development, to intercultural differences, social and political dialogue, health care and physical education, for employment and promotion of young people.
  3. NFE is encouraged with awarding of certificates by the MCYS for participants in training. 4. Informal education is implemented according to the principles mentioned above in accordance with preparation of Administrative Instruction of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and in collaboration with all relevant ministries.
  • Please describe the existing strategies, action plans that define nonformal learning in your country?

Strategy for Youth 2019-2013 drafted and approved by Government of Kosovo / Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sport has a specific component that regulates NFE in Kosovo.

The main purpose of the strategy in this aspect is to encourage youth through NFE programs, projects, activities organized by youth center’s and other youth organizations profiled in the field of NFE.

  • Have you been involved in the development of a strategy / action plan / law in excess of the NFE issues?

I personally attended working groups during initial preparation of the Law on Youth Empowerment and Participation also in action plans in central level and in local level, as well.

  • Do you work on promoting NFE and how?

Currently not but as a youth worker and consultant I used to provide support for youth centers and youth councils to advance their NFE programs, projects.

  • For your institution/CSO how young people recognize NFE?

Majority of young people connect NFE just with training’s organized through various projects. They still don’t understand the role of all stakeholders in process of advancing of NFE.

  • What are you doing about NFE in term to make closeness with youth?

I actively promote the importance of having institutional support for youth centers in all municipalities based on the fact that those youth subjects are well known as a unique possibility for youth activists to attend the NFE sessions, activities.

  • Have you involved young people in the process of bringing about things that are relevant to non-formal education?

In organizations / councils where I have been active, I tried to engage and involve many young peoples in process of making youth policies, action plans and strategies in order to have their voice also for the modalities of applying of NFE in youth sector in Kosovo.

  • Should the Government get involved and make an even bigger contribution when it we are speaking about youth and policies about y

Government should provide continuous support to youth organizations and youth councils on addressing their needs, concerns through local youth policies and through national strategies in central level. Priority should be given to employment, career orientation,  accreditation of volunteerism and other fields that potentially produce results and impact for the future of young people and for the future of the country.

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