Outcomes of the mock elections

On the day of official Local Elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina, October 2nd, 2016, an activity named „Elect Mostar“ was held in the City of Mostar. The citizens of Mostar had the opportunity to „vote“ and express their opinions and stances on the fact that the local elections in Mostar have not been held in the past 8 years!

After an extremely positive reaction from the public, we have decided to continue this initiative. Another two organizations have joined the group of youth NGO's: ELSA Mostar and Youth Power, and a Facebook page was created . It has also been decided that we will organize the activity „Elect Mostar“ every 2nd of the month with new questions, new answers and new propositions of the young citizens of Mostar.

Within the activity „Elect Mostar“ organized on the 2nd of November 2016, the youth of Mostar answered to the question:

„Do you see yourself in Mostar in the next 10 years“ with the remark on the age and level of education.

They were able to answer the on-line questionnaire on Facebook page that was published on the 25th of October, 2016 as well as to fill out the hard copy of the questionnaire during the activity of our volunteers in local universities.

The questionnaire was filled out by a total of 503 persons out of which 43,9% wishes to leave Mostar. It is important to note that 82,3% participants are within 15-35 age group while 42,7% hold a University degree and 39,40% hold a high school diploma.

This is a clear message from us, the youth of Mostar, that this is not the city in which we wish to remain.

We want to stop the agony and send a clear message:
– we have the right to elect and be elected,
– we have the right to a functional government,
– we have a right to our city.


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