YAMNFL – focus group no7 (LDA Mostar)

Focus Group

Project “YOUth Ambassadors of Non-Formal Learning”

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Facilitator: Amil Brkovic

Organisation: LDA Mostar

Date and Location: 21.06.2020, organized on hiking trail

Participants: 7, aged 24-28


  • List of questions for Focus GroupDo you think for NFE is important age, gender, nationality?

All of participants agreed that those components are not important for NFE. They think NFE is and it should be available to anyone who is open for new possibilities and for gaining knowledge in any field.

  • What does NFE mean to you? Can you define?

Participants've defined NFE as education that you get aside from standard educational system. That could be knowledge acquired through e.g. webinars/seminars, workshops, volunteering experiences, ..

  • Have you ever been a participant in an NFE program? If yes – in which one?

Few of the participants were included in NFE program (student exchange and international volunteering program, IT and language courses).

  • Do you know something about Youth Law / Strategy / Action Plan, as well as other documents related to youth?

Non of participants weren't familiar with national Youth Law/Strategy/Action Plan, however all of them did mention Erasmus+ program.

  • Have you ever participated in the youth decision-making process? If yes, in which one?

Participants did not have an opportunity to participate in youth decision-making process.

  • Do you think that more support from the Government is needed to improve the status of young people and in the NFE sphere? If yes, what are the benefits of this, and what are the disadvantages?

All participants stated that Government should be more involved in overall improvement of the status of young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There could be many benefits including better chances for emloyability, reducing number of young people who leave their homeland, overall better economy in country, .. There could be disadvantages if Government create Laws, Strategies and Action Plans without pre-consulting, learning and hearing about what are real needs of young people.

  • Does NFE activities help you for your personal development. If yes, how? If not, why?

Those participants who were involved in NFE programs have agreed that NFE activities did help them in personal development. Experiences and references that they gaind through NFE programs helped them in terms of getting better chances for employability.

  • For you, why is it important to be involved in activities through non-formal education?

It is important for self-growth and personal development. On the other hand, NFE helps you on the labour market in terms of being more competitive.

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