Proslava međunarodnog dana mladih: Video o učešću mladih

The Balkan Platform celebrates the International Youth Day: Video on YOUTH PARTICIPATION

To celebrate the International Youth Day, the Balkan Platform for youth participation and dialogue is proudly presenting the winner of the video contest on the topic of “YOUTH PARTICIPATION”. The contest for video on youth participation was launched in May and was open to all youngsters from Balkan Region.  In the awarded video two young activists from Niksic, Montenegro, explain their vision of what “youth participation” is, in a simple but very friendly and eye-catching way. Their creativity and engagement will be awarded with the chance to travel and participate to the Local Democracy Forum in Subotica, Serbia.

“Youth civic engagement” is this year theme for the International Youth Day, 12 August!  2015 is crucial for setting new goals for global development and youth is considered as important stakeholder to shape the future of this planet! Informed, engaged and active youth are indispensable actor in each community on local, national, regional and international level. This is the idea behind the creation of the Balkan Platform for youth participation and dialogue.

The Balkan Platform for youth participation and dialogue was created in 2014 with aim to encourage youth participation and dialogue on local level in the Balkans. The Network is composed of 7 Local Democracy Agencies in the Balkans and coordinated by ALDA, the European Association on local democracy. The Platform has gathered a group of youth workers and activists who develop local and regional activities to encourage youth participation: youth art workshops, trainings, info sessions, youth initiatives, multimedia projects etc.

In the next month, different activities will be implemented by the Balkan Platform in order to celebrate the Youth International Day:
In Vevcani, Macedonia, youth will be engaged in “My city = youth city” initiative, for which they will try to outline the features of Vevcani imagined as a youth friendly town;
In Kjazevac, Serbia, a Youth Info Point is being opened in the Youth Club, offering activities for young people;
Moreover, by the end of the month, the Platform will publish a comparative study on youth participation on local level in the Balkans;
Finally, a focal youth gathering will take place in Subotica, Serbia: youth will have the chance to gather, meet the local decision makers and share with them their ideas for youth engagement in society!

The Balkan Platform for youth participation and dialogue is financially supported with an Operating Grant from the European Commission.

URL of the awarded video on youth participation is HERE.

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