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LDA Mostar

INCOME – INovating CO-working Methods through Exchange

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Innovative methods of business cooperation through the exchange of human capacities with the use of co-working spaces …

Fronterra program in Mostar

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Fronterra Mostar is part of the international initiative “Fronterra”, which at its core carries the idea of ​​encouraging social entrepreneurship, change and togetherness …

My City – Youth City

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The project aims to strengthen the awareness of young people from local communities to overcome divisions and strengthen trust among young people from Mostar, Nevesinje, […]

URGENT – Urban Re-Generation: European Network of Towns

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Encouraging active citizenship and co-creation of policies and services in local societies, especially for citizens who are often excluded from the decision-making process …

Center ADA Mostar

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Center ADA  is an independent platform on which citizens can consume the city as a cultural expression through architecture and art beyond theories …

Speed Date a Politician

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To increase the responsibility and participation of young politicians on the political scene of Mostar, and to increase the motivation of young people to go […]

NUT – New Urban Topologies – Mostar and Beirut

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Explores different ways in which urbanization is linked to the development of cities and culture…

Improvement of local government services in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Increasing the responsibility of local authorities in providing public services / increasing the quality of life of citizens through the effective involvement of informed citizens […]

Minority Rights Education for Children

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Strengthening the work of organizations working with children on education on minority rights, but also on the promotion of the special rights of children of […]

Volunteering in Human Rights Education 

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Promoting inclusion and increasing the participation of young people with disabilities in society and building a Europe future…  
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