Community Forum “Our Cultural Heritage” took place in Mostar

Forum participants stressed the importance of local cultural heritage protection and promotion

Community Forum “Our Cultural Heritage”, organized by Agencija lokalne demokratije Mostar, took place in Code Hub Mostar on March 12, 2020.

Representatives of the relevant public institutions, educational institutions, the private and non-governmental sectors, as well as individuals contributing to the preservation of cultural heritage, participated in the work of Forum. The panelists of the Forum were: architect Senada Demirović Habibija, representative of the City of Mostar, who spoke about the importance of UNESCO World Heritage in the local community, Boris Trapara from CHwB BiH – Cultural Heritage without Borders, who spoke about the importance of non-formal education for cultural heritage, Aida Bičakčić, a representative of the Commission to Preserve National Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina spoke about the heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Edin Pandur, owner of Art Studio Pandur, who spoke to forum participants about the importance of old crafts as promoters of cultural heritage. The facilitator of the event was Amra Šarančić Logo from the Commission to Preserve National Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The forum was also an opportunity for young entrepreneurs and artists to exhibit their handicrafts and works of art inspired by BiH's cultural heritage, as well as an excellent chance for networking, exchanging ideas and making some new collaborations.

The Forum is one of the activities within the EU project CLINK – Cultural Heritage Linking Diversities in Europe, co-funded by Europe for Citizens Programme.

Please find the short biography and the presentation of each panellist on the links below:

Amra Šarančić Logo, facilitator – BIO

Amra Šarančić Logo, facilitator – PRESENTATION

Dženana Dedić, LDA Mostar (organizer) – BIO

Dženana Dedić, LDA Mostar (organizer) – PRESENTATION

Aida Bičakčić, panellist – BIO

Aida Bičakčić, panellist – PRESENTATION SUMUP

Senada Demirović Habibija, panelist – BIO

Senada Demirović Habibija, panellist – PRESENTATION

Senada Demirović Habibija, panellist – PRESENTATION SUMUP

Boris Trapara, panellist – BIO

Boris Trapara, panellist – PRESENTATION

Edin Pandur, panellist – BIO

Edin Pandur, panellist – PRESENTATION


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